Fathers Are Capable Too is one of the largest non-custodial parents' and children's rights organizations in Canada dealing with custody and access. F.A.C.T. is an organization of both men and women working to support our children's right to have a relationship with both parents. We are a not-for-profit non-custodial support and advocacy group.

Membership Information

As with all groups, it is necessary to have a membership voice to be heard by politicians, and some funds with which to operate. F.A.C.T. has been reviewing its membership structure in order to enable Canadians to be heard and changed. We have retained an annual membership fee, but we have changed the structure of the fees. We have also introduced a new membership application form (PDF format) which you can download from here. At this point, we don't have the facility of paying on line.

Full Membership: costs $40 per annum. This membership level allows you vote for the executive board of F.A.C.T. It gives you access to the F.A.C.T. library. It allows you to participate in all the committees. etc. of F.A.C.T. If you decide to attend out weekly meetings in Toronto, you will only pay $2 for entry - a 50% savings.

Associate Membership: costs $10 per annum. This membership level is that of a non-voting member of F.A.C.T. While you are not allowed to vote, this means that you are a member of F.A.C.T. and can participate on certain committees, etc. If you decide to attend our weekly meetings in Toronto, you will also only pay $3 for admission, rather than the general $4 - a 25% savings. We would welcome you to consider giving the associate membership as gifts to those affected by relationship breakdowns to enable them to recognise that, in some way, they are changing the divorce/separation system to truly recognise the best interests of our children.

If you would like to become a member, or give the membership as a gift, please click on the type of membership for the application form that can be printed and sent in to F.A.C.T.

We would also like to encourage you to support our constitutional court challenge by supporting a review of the Divorce Act. You can do that immediately on line by clicking here.