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Canadian Politicians of varying stripes do various things that make sense, and some things that are major disasters for parents seeking to keep contact with their children. This section is for the purposes of identifying the legislation, whether passed or not, and the debates about the subject as they apply. Implemented legislation is posted elsewhere. We intend to start at the federal level initially, then Ontario (our "home" province) and the the other provinces as information becomes available.

On December 10, 2002, the Minister of Justice, Martin Cauchon and the federal Department of Justice released a very dishonest piece of legislation to amend the Divorce Act that will ensure his legacy of another decade of abused and injured children. More on this Bill, and need and methods for dealing with this are noted in the C-22 section.

Senator Anne Cools is a powerhouse in representing children in Canada. An unelected Liberal senator, she has fought for the rights for all -- men, women and children -- throughout her life. We can only thank her for her dedication in fighting for the well-being of children after divorce and separation, in pushing for the reform on an unjust and uncaring justice system. The Senator's website can be found at http://sen.parl.gc.ca/acools/. From the Senator, we have available:

Bill S-9 A private member's public bill that is about the prosecution of false allegations, especially those made in custody and access matters. The Senator has made a great speech about this Bill as well.

Bill S-12 A private member's public bill to re-instate the purposefully inserted concept placed into the Child Support Guidelines to eliminate support in respect of "children" over the age of majority (since they are then adults). The judges decided to ignore the legislated intent. The Senator has made a great speech about spousal and child support in general, and this Bill in particular.

2001 Consultation Paper

This consultation was the Deparment of Justice's and Ann McLellan's effort to do nothing, and to override the findings of the Special Joint Committee on Custody and Access (more on that below). This was an inappropriate exercise, and much of the back and forth was inappropriately done between the Minister, the bureaucrats and the parliamentarians in the newspapers. Pretty disgusting Department and Minister when information can only be provided through the letters to the editor. I would note that this was not a "Federal-Provincial-Territoral-Consultation", at least in Ontario, where the federal Department of Justice admitted it was all and totally a federal exercise.

The Federal-Provincial-Territoral-Consultation on Custody, Access and Child Support have a consultation paper out. This is part of the bureaucratic process by which the Department of Justics is attempting to avoid the implemenation of the For the Sake of the Children report's recommendations. They hope that you have lost interest in your children and that there will be only the government's paid anti-family groups responding. It is important that everyone read this and, please, respond to it to tell the government that equal parenting is important to our children. Respond before June 30, 2001 (it was extended)!

Due to the complexities and confusion on the Department of Justice website, we have kept a copy of the materials on this site for your convenience. We have also included a document you can fill in and send off yourself, with some suggested thoughts inserted in the document. Click here to access the materials on the FACT site, or go to http://canada.justice.gc.ca/en/cons/consultations.html to pick up just the material from the Department of Justice website. You need both items.

As the result of discussions at FACT meetings, a sample response has been prepared and is on the site. It is of a form you can edit, print and mail or you can use it as a reference for completing your own booklet. Remeber it is important to get your booklet in by June 15 -- our "Fathers Day" threat.

Federal Election Call!!

The federal election was here. We have asked the parties their positions on what we think are important issues. You can read our questions for yourself....and we will post the answers as we receive them. Read the responses -- and hopefully it will

Well, the election is over and there was some changes. The Liberals are back in with a big majority and most of the existing members are back. Many of the friendly members of the Special Joint Committe of the Senate and House on Custody and Access, including co-chairman Roger Gallaway, Judi Longfield and Paul Forseth are back (who did I forget?). Paul Szabo, whose book in on this site, was also returned to the House. Congratulations to all!

We know who to talk to, although the forthcoming cabinet assignment may make some changes. Anne McLellan seems to have hung on by the skin of her teeth, as she normally manages to do. Our understanding is that there is an automatic recount scheduled, so we are not sure if this is final or not. Shades of Florida!!

Eric Lowther of the Canadian Alliance, a member of the Special Joint Committe of the Senate and House on Custody and Access, and a tireless worker for the children and parents of this nation has been defeated in Calgary Central by Joe Clark. We will miss Eric's passion on the protection of children, parents and families. Perhaps Mr. Clark will show a similar concern and committment on these matters.

Who got in in your riding? What were the poll results? The Elections Canada site at http://www.elections.ca has, or will have this infomation. Let your new MP know that you support equal parenting! Let them know now!!

Good News???

Well we thought that the Eagle had crashed with the release of the Minister of Justice's (Ann McLellan) response to the Special Joint Committee on Custody and Access's report. However, the 1999 Throne speech has moved the agenda for change in access and custody issues back up on the priority list. This means that the Liberals will be moving into an election after their actions on the changes, so this is a very good opportunity to put your opinions before your MP, your MPP, and the federal and provincial ministers.

McLellan's response to the report of the Special Joint Committee on Custody and Access should be looked at as the starting point from which the Department of Justice must be moved. It is therefore still a must to read.

The press release is at:
and the backgrounder is at:
and the full statement is at:

What had the problem been? "Public consultations ... are scheduled to take place in 2001. The results of the comprehensive review will be reported to Parliament by May 1, 2002." So another committee in 3 years -- and the children continue to be abused and damaged and destroyed, and many more children will enter the system to be chewed up. This apparently is the Department of Justices idea of the "focussing on the child" and "maintaining meaningful relationships".

For those interested, the Senate/Commons Special Joint Committee report, For the Sake of the Children is also on-line at http://www.parl.gc.ca/InfoComDoc/36/1/SJCA/Studies/Reports/sjcarp02-e.htm. We would, however, strongly encourage all of you to contact your (federal) MP and request your own paper copy. Tell him/her you are in favuour of shared parenting and that this affects you. MPs will respond to the needs of their constituents.

Let your MPs and cabinet ministers know that NOW is the time for positive change! Tell your MPPs and provincial cabinet ministers that the children cannot wait -- they need both parents NOW!
Our children need your support -- and theirs.