Posted: March 4, 2003
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Nuking the nuclear family

Joseph Farah
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Western Civilization would have been impossible without the nuclear family as the building block.

So, why is the family under attack like never before?

Because Western Civilization – and the entire notion of self-government that emerged from it – is the real target.

Destroying Western Civilization requires the elimination of the family structure, where parents are accountable to God and children are accountable to parents. This is happening today in innumerable ways:

To listen to the advocates of same-sex marriages, you would believe that homosexuals are being denied their civil rights because they cannot marry one another. The fact that such a notion is even being entertained in the media and in public policy debates today illustrates just how demented our culture has become.

For a moment, let's wave a magic wand and pretend we can actually grant the same-sex marriage advocates their wish. Bippity-bobboty-boo. Poof! Same-sex marriages are now legal. Marriage is no longer an institution between one man and one woman. Now women can marry women and men can marry men.

Why stop there?

After all, the same-sex marriage advocates tell us the only reason marriage remains an institution for heterosexual couples is because of archaic religious ideas. If those ideas – the very foundation of Western Civilization – are going out the window, then on to the next taboo.

What about marriage between brothers and sisters? Fathers and daughters? Mothers and sons? Brothers and brothers? Any problems yet?

The standard reply you get when you pose this challenge to the same-sex marriage advocates is that you are being absurd – there's just no demand out there for such unions. To which I say: So what? There was no demand for same-sex marriages just a few years ago. Surely there are people in the world who wish very sincerely to follow their hearts and form marital unions such as those described above. You can probably see them on daytime television right now.

Furthermore, is it simply market demand that makes such unions right? When enough people no longer feel squeamish about incest, will it be time to break down those barriers?

Let's go a step further. Since marriage is no longer an institution exclusively joining one woman with one man, isn't it time to reconsider polygamy?

How can we, in good conscience, tell a man who sincerely wants five wives he can't have them. It's part of his makeup. It's who he is. He was born that way with a predilection against monogamy. Can you stifle his rights and those of his consenting would-be adult wives?

But, then again, why limit these unions to adults? Isn't that just part of that old archaic religious notion that only adults should experience the pleasures of marriage? Why shouldn't children be allowed to marry? Isn't that age discrimination?

Which brings us back to where we started. The only taboo left at that point will be marriages outside the species. How can we deny a man or woman the right to form a domestic partnership with a domestic animal? It's just not right. It's unconstitutional.

You see, we're losing common sense when we sanction homosexual marriages. To do so is to redefine marriage. If homosexuals want to get together and create a new institution that celebrates their love and commitment to one another, they are free to do that. Let's just not call it marriage, because that changes the definition of a word and a sacred 5,000-year-old institution.

What's the definition of a family? Quite simple. It is two or more people living together related by marriage, blood or adoption. This is why the homosexual activists are so eager to legitimize homosexual marriages and homosexual adoptions. If they are successful, they will no longer have to destroy the family. It will have been destroyed by redefinition.

We'll never be successful at "Taking America Back" unless we use the nuclear family as the building block – just as our founders did.

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