Pensioner left homeless after wife declares him dead -- UK
Story filed: 16:07 Thursday 20th March 2003

A Chilean pensioner is homeless after his wife declared him dead and sold their house while he was away.

Luis Alberto Soto Meza, 76, returned to find his home in Los Vilos had been sold, and his wife had moved away with the proceeds.

He claims she had told the buyer and a court that he was dead.

Mr Meza says even his possessions were gone, and that he now has nowhere to live.

He told La Cuarta online: "I knew nothing about this. In the best of cases I will believe that my wife was tricked into doing this by the new owner of the house.

"I cannot believe how the law lets her sell a property which I co-owned, just by saying I was dead. Didn't anyone ask to see my death certificate?"

Mr Meza is now asking for the sale to be declared illegal and wants a full investigation of the case.

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