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Rights and responsibilities
Monday, March 31, 2003, Editorial, The Ottawa Citizen
About Cauchon and his destruction of the rights of Canadians.
Estranged parents don't have rights
Friday, March 28, 2003, Janice Tibbetts, CanWest News Service
Following the feminist marching orders, Martin Cauchon refuses to consider allowing joint custody and strips Canadian citizens of their rights. One wonders, some days, what barrel it is that cabinet ministers get their statements from.
Divorce quagmire
Friday, March 28, 2003, Kathleeen Harris, Toronto Sun
Critics pan divorce plan
Friday, March 28, 2003, Kathleeen Harris, Ottawa Sun
Critics? Yes. This legislation clearly is a support package for the divorce industry that will destroy of the lives of many more children.
Justice minister rejects shared parenting
Friday, March 28, 2003, Janice Tibbetts, Victoria Times Colonist
Minister Cauchon and the federal Department of Justice raise their middle finger to Parliament and the Canadian people.

American Legal System Is Corrupt Beyond Recognition, Judge Tells Harvard Law School
Friday, March 7, 2003, Geraldine Hawkins, Massachusetts News
A look at what is right versus what is expedient. I am not sure any more needs to be added to the title.

Feminism No Longer In Touch With What Women Really Want
Wednesday, March 5, 2003, The Province
The title says it all, but the editorial says it clearer.

Women should not be allowed to get away with murder
Tuesday, March 4, 2003, Melanie McDonagh, The Daily Telegraph
No one should "get away" with murder, but not in the Western justice system it appears.

Divorce has its compensations in Beijing
Monday, March 31, 2003, Ananova.com
Hmmm...your house is bought for more if you are single than you are married. Well, the destruction of the family has been a goal of modern Marxism ever since Stalin started to take it apart.

Czech woman facing jail over kiss
Friday, March 28, 2003, Ananova.com
She asks for a kiss goodnight and bites off his tongue.

Swede lost temper after finding girlfriend in bed with three men
Thursday, March 27, 2003, Ananova.com
Hey, she was only 51. Too young to know better. I would note, his reaction was totally and inappropriately violent, even given what was going on.

Survey shows teenage girls match boys for levels of violence
Thursday, March 27, 2003, John Staples, The Scotsman
Girls are not only as capable as boys, but actively are as violent.

Pensioner left homeless after wife declares him dead
Thursday, March 20, 2003, Ananova.com
She sold his house and his possessions and moved, leaving him penniless.

Mom faces abduction charges as missing girl found
Monday, March 17, 2003, Sarah Green, Ottawa Sun
Mom charged
Monday, March 17, 2003, Sarah Green, Toronto Sun
No access here -- this was a clear and planned abduction. It is always interesting how presentation varies by gender. However mom, Beverly MacDonald, kidnapped her 13 year old daughter -- and somehow that is reasonably OK. With the courts supporting kidnapping in the Vandernelson case, perhaps it is.

The Weaker Sex
Sunday, March 16, 2003, Maggie Jones, New York Times
Intresting statistics. Some of the stats are right, but certainly not all. Use with caution.

Divorce Hurts Children
Thursday, March 13, 2003, Letter to the editor from Andrea H. Een, The Salt Lake Tribune

Longstreth abused, nurses say
Thursday, March 13, 2003, Anthony S. Twyman and Clea Benson, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Melanie Hopkins, long time aid to 82 year old W. Thacher Longstreth is being questioned about the longtime abuse he suffered.

Telling men to wear ties is sex discrimination
Wednesday, March 12, 2003, Sandra Laville, The Daily Telegraph
...so it's more than just darn uncomfortable. It is always interesting that when it is about a woman we have been trained to take it seriously, but when its about a man it's a joke. That says a lot.

Boy Victim of Statutory Rape Forced to Pay Child Support to Adult Woman Rapist
Tuesday, March 11, 2003, Stephen Baskerville, Men's News Daily
The Iowa collection agency seizes the $200 savings of a raped 11 year old boy for child support. Of course, the philosophy of the courts and the bureaucrats is that he is responsible, she never is. The money will never be returned and this boy will be pursued for the rest of his life. He is male, so he is repeatedly victimised.

Woman charged with murder in boyfriend's slaying
Tuesday, March 11, 2003, Derek Abma, Ottawa Sun
Woman charged in killing of boyfriend
Tuesday, March 11, 2003, Doug Schmidt, CanWest News Service
Victoria Wynter Gil, being held on an unrelated assault charge, also gets charged with killing Thomas Jamieson in Windsor. For some reason, the charge is only 2nd degree, despite a single wound, but more information will undoubtedly follow.

Teacher accused of sexual relationship with student
Monday, March 10, 2003, Jannise Johnson, San Bernardino County Sun
31-year-old Stacy Lynn Behrmann instigates a lesbian relationship with one of her 16-year-old female students.

DNA clears man convicted of rape
Monday, March 10, 2003, Canoe News
Convicted by DNA, and cleared by it. The problems with DNA testing being considered as absolute when police are under pressure to get conviction-level evidence.

Mom charged with abducting triplets gets more access
Friday, March 7, 2003, The Halifax Herald
It would never happen for a man. He would be in jail. Ms. Vandenelson seems to miss the double standards.

Woman pleads innocent to killing husband, shooting two daughters
Thursday, March 6, 2003, Christy Gutowski, Chicago Daily Herald
Sungnam Lisowski is charged with the premeditated killing of her husband, and her 12 and 14 year old daughters, as her marriage "crumbled". As is typical with murder-suicides by women, she was quite accurate in murdering the victims, but she apparently missed her head (and herself) twice on the "suicide attempt".

Accountant Accused of Hiring Hit Men to Kill His Divorce Lawyer
Wednesday, March 5, 2003, Robert Hanley, New York Times
What can you say, you add it up and find where the problems lie. Then you get in trouble when solving the problems.

Let boys be boys
Tuesday, March 4, 2003, Editorial, National Post
Editorial about the situation in Canadian schools.

Nuking the nuclear family
Tuesday, March 4, 2003, Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily
A book review, about a book that deals with the decay of American society and the need for the nuclear family to be re-established to keep society together.

Men and Women Aren't Alike. Really.
Tuesday, March 4, 2003, Michiko Kakutani, New York Times
A surprisingly realistic review of the typical feminist excuse for a "science" book "explaining" and promoting gender divisions. Even more surprising that it was published in the New York Times.