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Handicapped Louisiana man has 10-year sentence reduced

January, 2003

The Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently reversed a sentence of eight years at hard labor that had been reduced from a ten year sentence for a man who threatened to blow up the office that took his daughter from him. Lawrence Suire pleaded guilty to "communicating of false information of planned arson" and was originally sentenced to ten years at hard labor. The appeals court remanded the case finding that the sentence was too harsh. Suire was then sentenced to eight years after a new hearing.


Suire was handicapped and had custody of his eleven year old daughter. The Office of Community Services in New Iberia, Louisiana, took custody away from Suire for reasons that are unclear, but apparently resulted from the daughter having hallucinations after a weekend visit with her mother. After six months of separation from his daughter, undergoing psychological exams, and then being told he had to undergo more psychological exams without any explanation as to why, Suire admits that he "lost it" and did something stupid. He stated at trial that because of the frustration of not having the money to fight the arbitrary decisions of the Office of Community Services, he wrote a note with the plans for a bomb and had the note together with a "device" delivered by his brother to the Office of Community Services in a plastic bag. The device turned out to be a telephone pager. The appeals court, finding that the sentence is once again excessive, has sent the case back to the trial court yet again for re-sentencing.

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