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No life without his kids
Sunday, December 15, 2002, Mark Bonokoski, Toronto Sun
Another dad dead by his own hand once his children are taken from him — now forever. Ontario's Coroner doesn't seem to care much either, as we have seen with the other deaths.

New laws on child custody should help fathers
Wednesday, December 18, 2002, Peter Jensen, Vancouver Sun
Lawyer nails the deceipt and inequities in the "new" (and "old") Divorce Act.
'Mother gets all' in new Divorce Act
Wednesday, December 18, 2002, Cristin Schmitz, The Ottawa Citizen
(same as the National Post article, but with a picture of Cauchon to spit at.)
Divorce bill removes key custody principle
Wednesday, December 18, 2002, Cristin Schmitz, The Ottawa Citizen
Justice lawyer Virginia McRae admits that parental contact is being "de-emphasised" in C-22. This deletion of a parent is purposeful by this government.
'Mother gets all' in new Divorce Act
Wednesday, December 18, 2002, Cristin Schmitz, National Post
The deceitful crooks in the Department of Justice confirm what has been being exposed in their actions.
Divorce law changes good for the children
Monday, December 16, 2002, Vancouver Sun
Hmmm...wish you read what is really there.
Changes to Divorce Act seem to be superficial
Saturday, December 14, 2002, Editorial, Owen Sound Sun Times
A paper recognises that the proposed changes are superficial -- seems to be suggesting putting hope in lawyers may be the answer. (NOT!)
Kids come first
Saturday, December 14, 2002, Donna Zandee, Calgary Herald
If kids came first, there would be no divorce. Under these modifications to the Divorce Act, kids come next to last.
Loaded language cut from divorce act
Tuesday, December 10, 2002, Janice Tibbetts, Calgary Herald
No loading cut -- and the presumption of sole maternal custody is well entrenched under the modifications. The Minister of Justice, Martin Cauchon, and his bureaucratic handlers must think that the world is as stupid as they are power-hungry. Look at what that did!
$63 million to be spent on better family services under altered Divorce Act
Tuesday, December 10, 2002, Sandra Cordon, Calgary Herald
The money does not go to services -- it goes to judges and reinforcement of the adversarial system.
New divorce law seeks to resolve child custody disputes
Tuesday, December 10, 2002, CBC News
There is no resolution there. The only thing is these changes is the federal Department of Justice's resolve to make things worse for children and parents. Josef Stalin would have been proud of his disciples there.
Children focus of Divorce Act revisions
Tuesday, December 10, 2002, Janice Tibbetts, canada.com
Children the focus, but never talked to them and never looked at all the studies on children. This Minister, and his bureaucrats could not possibly believe this junk.
New divorce law expected to focus on custody
Tuesday, December 10, 2002, ctv.ca
Actually, the bulk of the law focusing on seizing more than 50% of the husbands assets and future income.
Ottawa to counsel parting parents
Tuesday, December 10, 2002, Janice Tibbetts, National Post
While this is the word of the Minister of Finance, the funds all go to making the system more adversarial.
Putting children first
Saturday, December 7, 2002, Trish Crawford, Toronto Star
Hardly, putting children first would be banning divorce except in very unusual circumstances since ALL children are adversely impacted. This is simply one of those double-think lies from the federal Minister of Justice, Martin Cauchon.
Why fight it?
Thursday, December 5, 2002, Calgary Herald
"Children of divorce have a right to access to both parents. It's not too late for Justice Minister Martin Cauchon to stand up to self-interested lobbyists who would have it otherwise." A great editorial about a dismal Minister of Justice, Department of Justice and Chretien legacy.
New divorce legislation coming Tuesday
Thursday, December 5, 2002, Allison Dunfield, The Globe and Mail
It is coming ... again, political advantage at the expense of children in the name of children as touted by nameless hypocrits.
Race may play role in child custody cases
Monday, December 2, 2002, Janice Tibbetts, National Post
Canada has been quite clear -- race and violence only count as criteria in finding an excuse for sole maternal custody. The children's best interests are NEVER considered.

The Future of Fatherhood
Tuesday, December 31, 2002, Wendy McElroy, Fox News
Excellent article about the child abuse industry -- the one that abuses children in the name of stopping abuse.

When women attack
Thursday, December 26, 2002, Deidre Pike, Sacramento News & Review
There is no safe place for a male victim of domestic violence — and no justice.

Child support laws a 'tax' on fathers, lawsuit says
Tuesday, December 24, 2002, Francine Dubé, National Post
A sensible suit against an irrational bunch of bureaucrats who have destroyed too many citizens.

Divorce puts kids at risk, say experts
Sunday, December 15, 2002, Mario Toneguzzi, Calgary Herald
Divorce damages children. The adversial system creates a generations of psychologically damaged and suicidal children. Ask your judge how many they have killed today.

Sex and social suicide
Saturday, December 14, 2002, Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail
This one surprises me. The birth rate in Europe and in Canada is already so low and has been so low for the 30 years of insanity that the suicide is committed and the society is in its death-throes. The reason that massive immigration and massive numbers of foreign workers are needed is that we no longer have children, and that too many of those those children we do have are too damaged to handle the complexities of keeping the country working. This is one society that is already dead.

The US recognises the peril of absent fathers. Why can't we?
Monday, December 9, 2002, Betting Arndt, The Age
Australia bemoans the social disaster of their divorce laws. Undoubtedly why the federal Department of Justice cites it as a model for their own path of destruction.

Court denies unmarried couples property rights
Thursday, December 19, 2002, Sue Bailey, Toronto Star
Guys, this is still no reason to let her move in to your place. Just because she decides that she is saving on the rent, it really means she was trying to set you up -- and don't think that this will not continue to do so.
Common law not equal to marriage
Friday, December 20, 2002, Janice Tibbetts, National Post
Common law does not equal married
Thursday, December 19, 2002, Darren Yourk, The Globe and Mail
Jilted common-law partners can't count on 50-50 split of assets: high court
Thursday, December 19, 2002, Sue Bailey, canada.com
This is one of those nasty, nasty and sneaky decisions from the dictators at the Supreme Court. As they dismantle marriage, making it a sentence for life on only one of the partners (based on gender), they have also that they are the gods who will define marriage that no man will set asunder. This really is the next move in deciding that they will be the gods of common law as well -- which they will have to handle differently so that they can mess around with homosexual relations and rich heterosexual women (after all, they have repeatedly refused to give anything to a man). The gender-feminists are mad because it seems to close their normal licence to steal, but it is difficult to tell the staging from the stupidity.

Judicial activism has gone too far, court says
Thursday, December 12, 2002, Kirk Makin, The Globe and Mail
The Newfoundland Court of Appeal takes on the corruption to the judicial system resulting from activist, political judges abusing their positions.

Want to be a justice of the peace? Just apply
Monday, December 30, 2002, Kirk Makin, The Globe and Mail
Someone thinks that the people who throw you in jail, remove your family from you, and sieze your assets need qualifications. Of course, seeing those activist judges, one wonders what those qualifications might be.

Scrutinize top court nominees: judge
Monday, December 30, 2002, Cristin Schmitz, The Ottawa Citizen
Supreme Court Justice Major agrees that parliamentary scrutiny of the justices before appointment may well help the public regain some confidence in the Supreme Court. It is about time they looked at a way to reintroduce justice.

Mom held in toddler's stabbing
Sunday, December 29, 2002, Toronto Sun
Unnamed mother arrested after 19 month old baby stabbed — but fortunately not killed. Want to bet mother will have custody of this child again shortly?

Sugar and spice
Sunday, December 29, 2002, Christin, Toronto Star
"Female aggression and bullying are not isolated childhood memories, Universal sisterhood is a notion under attack" The review of a number of books.

Flat plunge mother alerted medics
Friday, December 27, 2002, BBC News
Boy was 'beaten to death'
Thursday, December 26, 2002, BBC News
Death of five-year-old 'suspicious'
Wednesday, December 25, 2002, BBC News
Another Christmas present from the Family courts, this time in Scotland. Alison Gorrie beats five-year-old Brendan Gorrie to death with a golf club and then makes a half-hearted "fall" out the window. Of course, Dad was estranged and violent mother gets the child. No suicide, just the murder, per the normal mode.

Using emotion as ammunition
Monday, December 30, 2002, Alessandra Eakin, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"I suspect men have known this for a long time and, in their better interest, have kept quiet about it. However, in the face of overwhelming evidence, as a woman, I must conclude that 'sistas' all are indeed sniveling, simpering imps."

DNA tests mean more in deciding who's dad, some say
Monday, December 30, 2002, Pam Louwagie, Star Tribune
More on the huge problem of parternity fraud.

More men wanted for childcare jobs
Friday, December 27, 2002, The Guardian
Of course, they will just send them to jail like they do male elementary school teachers on trumped up charges that women would NEVER get charged with. What's the point of looking?

Too many children missing a father
Friday, December 27, 2002, Letter to the Editor from James Hodgins, Toronto Star
A wise reader taking the Star's enemity to the family to task.
Growing up without fathers
Monday, December 23, 2002, Elaine Carey, Toronto Star
The governments' and the gender feminists' goal of destroying families also destroys many, many individuals. There is no freedom there, but then that was the goal.

Woman shoots husband, kids
Thursday, December 26, 2002, Deborah Kadin, Chicago Daily Herald
One of those many multiple murder-suicides that supposedly are only committed by men. Sungnam Lisowski shoots her husband, John, and then her 12 and 14-year-old daughters, before killing herself.

New Study Suggests Risks Linked to Gay Foster Parenting
Tuesday, December 24, 2002, Paul Cameron, Insight Magazine
...some of what the Canadian government and the Children's "Aid" Societies have decided to ignore.

Mother leaves boy alone for 12 days, goes skiing
Tuesday, December 24, 2002, Alan Freeman, The Globe and Mail
12 year old had to look after himself -- and he seemed to do a responsible job. It is a shame Mom didn't.

Grandma charged with hurting baby
Monday, December 23, 2002, Kate Leckie, The Frederick News-Post
Poor little 9-month old baby girl is hit by the whiskey bottle that grandmother, Pamela Bentz, threw at her daughter. Not a man in sight, so it must be his fault.

Men seek 'paternity fraud' law
Monday, December 23, 2002, Kathy Boccella, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Where else would fraud be totally acceptable and the judges falling all over themselves to support fraud? In fact, that bunch encourages fraud, and force it at times.

Embezzlement Conviction Burdens a Woman of Contradictions
Sunday, December 22, 2002, Chris Hedges, New York Times
Yep, how inconvenient for a woman to be held accountable for her actions.

Emptiness, grief haunt dad a year after wife killed son
Sunday, December 22, 2002, Andi Atwater, News Press
15 months later a broken father is still mourning the murder of his son by his ex-wife, Leslie Ann Wallace, without hating her.
Grief overflows at funeral
Saturday, September 9, 2001, Sharon Turco, News Press
6-year-old known for perpetual ‘big smile’
Wednesday, September 5, 2002, Pamela Smith Hayford, News Press
Mother’s 911 call ‘heartless’
Tuesday, September 4, 2002, Sharon Turco, News Press
Those who know family at a loss for answers
Monday, September 3, 2002, Mark Krzos, News Press
Lee deputy wounds woman after rampage in North Fort Myers
Monday, September 3, 2002, Andi Atwater, News Press
Leslie Ann Wallace blows away her 6 year old son's chest, hunts down and 16 year old son at his church and wounds him (his Bible kept him from being mortally wounded), and then goes looking to shoot her 19 year old son. She phones 911 and brags about killing the poor little boy. The sons lived with their dad — read, it sometimes seems as if the reporters think this justifies something.

The land of lost children
Saturday, December 21, 2002, Margaret Philp, The Globe and Mail
The terrible things that Canada has done to its natives -- sounds a lot like what their plan is for heterosexual men too.

Schools can't ban gay books, court rules
Saturday, December 21, 2002,
Supreme Court rules for enforced propangisation and the forcing of a way of life on Canadians and their children that has been repeated rejected. This is simply one of many illustrations of just what these perverse judges have become. Respect for these jerks?

Two good decisions
Saturday, December 21, 2002, Editorial, National Post
Applauding the welfare decision below and the common-law decision above. The first was forced, the second is just a disaster-to-come. This is McLachlin's "pro-active" destruction.

Law movement avoids need for bitter divorces
Friday, December 27, 2002, Letter to the Editor from James C. MacDonald, Toronto Star
Be aware. Collabarative Law is a joke in Ontario. It is a farce used by lawyers to generate higher incomes out of your pocket. Whether it is you being told that your case does not qualify and you need some heavy duty adversarial stuff, or you get hours and hours of worthless conferences (neatly and efficiently timed for maximum lawyer fees), just know that you lose.
A made-to-measure lawyer . . .
Saturday, December 21, 2002, Tracey Tyler, Toronto Star
An unreasonably imbalanced look at changes to the Divorce Act and some blatant publicity for some "family law lawyers" -- most of whom actually do "practise." Perhaps Mr. Epstein will give a more reasonable situation: Working woman married to a middle class guy. She is bored with the marriage, tired of being responsible for anything and decides she wants to cash in. Three children -- the middle child is definitely his, the youngest definitely not, the older one is a question because she was pursuing 4 different guys at the same time when she decided she wanted to get married. She is not that interested in the kids, but she wants the money. Since she started using weapons to hit him, he has been avoiding her, so she figures that if he had half a brain he would be seeing someone else. She has been planning this, and saving her salary and skimming his for about 5 years now to get this started, but wants the lawyer to make sure he has to pay for everything (just like the lawyer says).

Most think politicians lie: poll
Saturday, December 21, 2002, Joan Bryden, The Ottawa Citizen
Geez, you think? Honest? Politician? The lies are the Chretien legacy.

Assault claims no longer believed
Friday, December 20, 2002, Ed Meyer, Arkon (Ohio) Beacon Journal
Yet another false set of allegations in a custody battle -- complete it appears with some faked out injuries.

Welfare is not a right, judges say
Friday, December 20, 2002, Janice Tibbetts, National Post
The panel of the highest paid dummies figured out how bankrupt countries work it seems. To think that someone figures that a welfare state is anything except a prison camp -- this court was not about to check in.

Lawyers warned to button their lips in court
Friday, December 20, 2002, Mario Toneguzzi, Calgary Herald
Lawyers whispers make the tape. Honesty has no place in a court of law.

The man in black who sees red
Friday, December 20, 2002, Peter Ellingsen, The Age
Militant Ozzie fathers don't get the message across, but they do show the frustration of an unresponsive and unjust system. Perhaps the world's next Nelson Mandela will be in this group.

Mother arrested in stabbing of her children
Thursday, December 19, 2002, Brady Dennis, St. Petersburg Times
3 year old girl and 5 year old boy stabbed by mother getting a divorce.

Judge allows mother of triplets to sell book about abduction
Thursday, December 19, 2002, The Globe and Mail
Kidnapping mother to profit? Of course, now that has returned, kidnapped the children, been returned again, and the jury and judge deciding that kidnapping children is OK for mothers, she should be able to write a book. Now she believes in shared parenting apparently.

Depression rampant in teens, study finds
Wednesday, December 18, 2002, Oliver Moore, The Globe and Mail
....and their parents divorce has consistently been shown to be a major contributing factor (along with dysfunctional mothers).

Nanaimo mom charged with killing daughter
Wednesday, December 18, 2002, Kim Westad, Victoria Times Colonist
Laurina Marie Aune charged with killing her two-year-old daughter, Kyla. They eventually got around to searching her apartment and found the poor little toddler's body. Of course, only second degree murder for a charge -- not like a man would have gotten.

Fathers work longer hours than colleagues
Tuesday, December 17, 2002, Sarah Womack, The Telegraph
What a mistake — men are punished for working hard for their families.

Fathers demand "equal rights"
Tuesday, December 17, 2002, This is London
200 men, including 100 Father Christmases, out for their children's sake.

Mother who killed children released
Monday, December 16, 2002, Tracy Huffman, Toronto Star
Hey, six months per kid? Heck they were only babies. Nothing to hold against a woman, right?

Female teacher says sex with boy, 10, was consensual
Sunday, December 15, 2002, Sarah Catherall, New Zealand Independent Newspapers
Consensual? at 10? only in the world of the feminist double think. Maybe Faryn Ripine Matthews was senile at 34!

Parents work hard to keep the peace
Sunday, December 15, 2002, Kim Heinrich Gray, Calgary Herald
Some parents, likely those who have seen first hand the damage of the lawyers, judges and other bureaucrats avoid the carrots and look after their children. While this is great, it should be noted that the federal government is attempting to put a stop to this by forcing every action into court.

Share the wealth without the risk
Saturday, December 14, 2002, Gigi Suhanic, National Post
With the destruction of families and family assets spread across the generations — and the generations don't like it.

Errant parents may have their passports seized
Saturday, December 14, 2002, Karen Smith, Royal Gazette (Bermuda)
Bremuda starts the process of enslavement.

Hong Kong's abused husbands
Friday, December 13, 2002, BBC News
All over the world, the feminist lie is being found out -- but generally called a "role reversal" rather than the way it has always been.

Boys and toys ... it's natural
Friday, December 13, 2002, Michelle Pountney, Herald Sun (Australia)
Wow, someone else finds out that boys and girls are different. It is amazing how rediscovering the lie is a lie is such a surprise.

Former Toronto policeman rescued from locked room
Monday, December 9, 2002, Peter Cheney, The Globe and Mail
Another man abused and locked-up by his spouse. Statistics show that the rate of abuse of elderly men by their oppposite-sex spouses is much, much higher than the other way around -- this should be no surprise, but is why there is such an attempt to re-write the statistics.

Sex-change delisting `prejudiced'
Saturday, December 7, 2002, Karen Palmer, Toronto Star
There it goes -- no longer will Ontario fund the only route for many fathers to see their children.

Suicide still the top killer
Thursday, December 5, 2002, Brodie Fenlon, Toronto Sun
Still the same in Canada -- the depressed without hope remain men. Not mentioned here but clear elsewhere, the majority of these male suicides are complements of the family courts and the social propaganda backing them.

Murder accused 'asked to have sex on table at party'
Thursday, December 5, 2002, Ananova.com
Female killer aggressive in many ways -- and using it as a weapon.

She's ba-ack!
Tuesday, December 3, 2002, Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun
Molesting teacher out to molest another day. Of course, it's OK because it is a female teacher who is only messing up your sons. Laura Sclater strikes again.

UCD student recants sex assault claim
Tuesday, December 3, 2002, Elizabeth Hume and Pamela Martineau, Sacramento Bee
And another false accusation and another destroyed man.

Joint custody on the rise in divorce settlements, Statistics Canada finds
Tuesday, December 3, 2002, Joseph Brean, National Post
Of course, this misses the point. The courts are hiding the results by making a new status called "joint custody with primary residency to..." which means "sole custody to....".

The number of failed marriages grew in 2000 for the third year, says StatsCan
Monday, December 2, 2002, canada.com
The Supreme Court, the federal Department of Justice and the provincial governments' campaigns against marriage are working. We all benefit from a plunging birth rate that sentences this society to oblivion. No wonder sensible Canadians flee this country.

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