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July 29, 2002, 6:53PM

Prosecutor: Woman who ran over husband didn't violate bond

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A dentist accused of murder for repeatedly running over her husband remained free on bail today after her attorneys convinced prosecutors that she was with them at the time she was accused of knocking on the door of her husband's mistress.

Prosecutor Mia Magness withdrew a motion to revoke bond after concluding that Clara Harris didn't violate the conditions of her bond by approaching the home of Gail Bridges. It was a case of mistaken identity, attorneys said.

"What I think happened was an overzealous member of the media went to her residence," Magness said.

Bridges, 38, was with David Lynn Harris on Wednesday night before his wife allegedly ran over him several times with her Mercedes-Benz in a Clear Lake hotel's parking lot.

Clara Harris was reportedly enraged that her husband, an orthodontist, was having an affair with Bridges.

At her arraignment Friday, state District Judge Carol Davies said the dentist's $30,000 bail would be revoked if she tried to contact Bridges or go within 200 feet of Bridges' home or business.

The bail amount for a first-degree felony is consistent with a schedule used by Harris County judges.

On Friday, Bridges' friend, Julie Knight, reported that the defendant and a man had pounded on the door of Bridges' Houston home. An officer called to the scene saw a car that Knight described, Magness said.

In response to Knight's report, a warrant was re-issued Saturday for Clara Harris' arrest.

But defense attorney George Parnham, who also represented Andrea Yates, the Clear Lake mother who drowned her five children, said Harris was with him at his office at the time, which prosecutors acknowledged was confirmed by witnesses.

Magness said she thought Bridges and Knight were legitimately worried about their safety and had no malicious intent in making the report.

Parnham said he would continue to investigate the allegation because he wasn't convinced the knocking incident happened.

Davies warned Harris again not to have any contact with Bridges.

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