Toronto Sun

December 1, 2001

Hadley 'upset' by abuse rap

Became angry, uncooperative, inquest told

By SARAH GREEN -- Toronto Sun

Gillian Hadley's severely disabled son suffered small, round bruises on his buttocks and scrotum -- injuries that led to an abuse charge against her husband, a coroner's inquest heard yesterday.

The injuries were discovered Feb. 1, 1999 while five-year-old Mikey -- Gillian's son from her first marriage, who was blind, deaf and in a wheelchair, -- was at Sick Kids' hospital for other medical care.

Lorraine Joynt, a Durham Children's Aid Society worker, said Gillian's husband Ralph Hadley was initially cooperative, but later refused to speak to her as the investigation became a criminal probe.


"Ralph at first was shocked there was an investigation," Joynt said. "He became more upset, eventually becoming angry."

Durham police charged Hadley in late April 1999 with criminal negligence causing bodily harm. The charge was withdrawn that December when Hadley signed a peace bond.

Joynt said the investigation found no other explanation for Mikey's bruises and the Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect unit at Sick Kids "specifically stated it was traumatic injuries, not medical."

The inquest probing the June 20, 2000 murder-suicide has heard Mikey was left in Hadley's care on Super Bowl Sunday and he likely lost patience changing the boy's diaper.

Joynt also investigated a Dec. 10, 1998 report of very minor bruises under Mikey's eyes. The Sick Kids' unit found the bruises were "non specific" and Joynt said the injuries were likely caused by a hard rattle.

While Hadley became unhelpful during the 1999 probe -- even walking out when the CAS worker arrived for a visit -- Gillian remained cooperative, Joynt said.

Joynt didn't notice a change in the couple's relationship, but noted Hadley was more remote than his wife.

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