Toronto Sun

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Hadley's lawyer silent


Ralph Hadley took to his grave all discussions he had with his lawyer, who refused to answer specific questions about her client yesterday at a coroner's inquest.

Joanne Ferguson, who represented the Pickering man in family court, said she was bound by solicitor-client privilege that did not end when Hadley killed himself June 20, 2000 after murdering his estranged wife, Gillian.

"That's the difficult position I'm under," Ferguson said, during questions by lawyer Julia Holland.

Holland argued to admit three letters into evidence, written between lawyers involved in the Hadleys' family court proceedings in May 2000.

Ferguson confirmed the letters were either authored or received by her, but she could not elaborate on the contents.

With the jury absent from court, Holland expressed concerns about some witnesses citing confidentiality while others cannot.

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