Toronto Sun

November 24, 2001

Crown eyed jail for Hadley

By SARAH GREEN -- Toronto Sun

Crown attorneys wanted Ralph Hadley jailed if the Pickering man was found guilty of assaulting and harassing his estranged wife, a coroner's inquest heard yesterday.

Graham Wakefield, a lawyer who represented Hadley on the criminal charges, said he was told of the Crown's intentions in June 2000.

"My understanding was they were seeking incarceration," said Wakefield.

Earlier that year, Hadley, 34, was charged with assaulting and harassing Gillian Hadley, 35, as well as breaching court orders to stay away from her.

Hadley, who had no criminal record, was also under a peace bond after a charge of abusing his severely disabled stepson was withdrawn in December, 1999.

When Hadley agreed to the peace bond, he was warned by Justice Paul Bellefontaine that he faced a "significant period of jail if you breach that order," the inquest heard.

Hadley was later released on bail following charges of assault, criminal harassment and breaching court orders.

An offender found guilty of charges similar to Hadley's would usually face a two-to-six month jail sentence, said Wakefield.

The inquest resumes Monday.

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