Ottawa Citizen
Monday 20 August 2001

'Whining' Kainz has changed since 1997

Letter to the Editor by Sarah Danjaw
The Ottawa Citizen

Re: Kainz wants record divorce deal, Aug. 15.

I want to express my disgust at the selfish attitude of Alana Kainz in the wake of her divorce proceedings.

Ms. Kainz accuses her estranged husband, Michael Potter, of "misrepresentation" during their marriage.

I believe that Ms. Kainz is guilty of a little misrepresentation herself.

I am a former student of the Youville Centre, a high school program for young single mothers. I, along with more than 20 other young women, graduated in October 1997; Ms. Kainz was the guest speaker at the commencement ceremonies.

She spoke at length of her admiration for us and the struggles we faced on a daily basis. She also spoke of finding a "soul mate" in the new man in her life.

Last, but not least, she told us how important it was to cherish what we had and to love our children unconditionally because life is unpredictable at best.

She bestowed material gifts upon each and every one of us and blessed us individually with her support.

I am both saddened and sickened to see where she is today. I invite Ms. Kainz to speak again at our upcoming Youville alumnae barbecue. Perhaps she can complain to us how the $15,000 a month she currently receives is just not enough.

I guarantee that she will not be received with the same admiration as four years ago.

As much as I would like to go on forever about the blatant indecency of this whole situation, I will sum up my feelings in one simple question. Ms. Kainz, if your lifestyle was so "drastically reduced" by moving from Rockcliffe Park to a $640,000 house in the Glebe, how did you ever manage to sit for three whole hours in the same room with so many women from, shall we say, significantly less privileged backgrounds?

Please, Ms. Kainz, stop your whining. It could be worse. You could have to make do without your weekly hairdresser.

Sarah Danjaw,

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