Calgary Herald

Wednesday 13 June 2001

Mother of missing baby faces deportation over expired visa

Grady Semmens and Jason Van Rassel
Calgary Herald; Southam Newspapers

Immigration officials are preparing to deport Rie Fujii now that she has been in the country illegally for more than a year.

Fujii faces deportation no matter what becomes of a criminal investigation into her role in the death of her 15-month-old son, Dominic Ryu Brown, and the fate of her infant daughter Gemini, whose body, police believe, was dumped in the Bow River.

Fujii, 23, is undergoing a psychiatric assessment at the Peter Lougheed Centre. Her parents arrived from Japan on Tuesday.

"I'd like to see Rie as soon as possible," her mother, Tomoko, said through an interpreter soon after arriving in Calgary.

Tomoko and her husband, Hideto, have said they were not aware of Rie's two young children, fathered by her former boyfriend, Peter John Brown.

Brown, 22, was arrested Tuesday evening in an apartment six blocks from Fujii's last residence.

"We located him through various sources of information, from the public and from the media," said Insp. Bob Couture. "He was very co-operative with us at the time."

Brown was taken into custody to answer questions about the Fujii case and to deal with some outstanding warrants in relation to property crimes.

Police have charged Fujii with one count of neglecting a dead body after they found Dominic's body last Tuesday in a Victoria Park apartment.

Divers spent two days last week searching the Bow River for Gemini based on the belief Fujii wrapped the three-month-old in plastic bags and disposed of her body in the waterway.

Meanwhile, Citizenship and Immigration Canada confirmed it has charged Fujii with being in Canada illegally after her six-month visitor's visa ran out last spring.

Immigration records show Fujii entered Canada for the first time in April 1997 on a student visa that was extended several times until she returned to Japan April 31, 1999.

She returned to Canada on Oct. 9, 1999, and was issued a six-month visitor visa.

In May, Fujii moved into the 14th Avenue S.E. apartment where Dominic was found. Neighbours said they heard a baby crying for days at a time just before Fujii moved out suddenly at the end of the month.

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