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Bill 117 keeps everyone guessing
Saturday, February 24, 2001, Dave Brown, The Ottawa Citizen
Draconian Dark Ages law to be proclaimed soon?

Better look out, Bob! It's feminazis
Monday, February 12, 2001, John Waters, Irish Times
How children are being brainwashed by PC.

Bizarro Cartoon
Thursday, February 8, 2001, Globe and Mail
Good cartoon about family law lawyers.

Save the males!
Tuesday, February 6, 2001, Amy Benfer, Salon Magazine
Great article. Warren Farrell and his new book "Father-Child Reunion."

Admission women are violent is welcome
Monday, February 26, 2001, John Waters, Irish Times
Leading Irish feminist admits women are violent: 'Christine Ross, had responded to a district judge's remarks about women and violence by saying: "What he is doing is singling out women. Violence in any form is unacceptable. Men are equally to blame."' And, of course, they ARE equally to blame and here are some of the stats (also in the Domestic Violence section of the FACT site)..

Feminism should grow up and go abroad
Saturday, February 24, 2001, Patricia Pearson, National Post
A woman't frustration with the "modern feminist" and their lack of focus on real problems in the world (with reference to the articles below).

Transsexual's tribunal case an insult to real human rights
Wednesday, February 28, 2001,
Women's groups again try to redfine womenhood. The feminist eugenics bigotry comes out strongly -- they want a "gender" battle on the purity of the "master sex".
British Columbia: Transsexual is no man: lawyer
Friday, February 23, 2001, National Post
"Kimberly Nixon should have been allowed to counsel rape victims because she was always a woman in her mind, even though she was born with a 'humiliating appendage...'"
B.C. rights case asks: What is a woman?
Thursday, February 22, 2001, Mark Hume, National Post
When obviously at fault, obfuscate.
Rape crisis centre in B.C. endures assault
Saturday, December 23, 2000, Michele Landsberg, Toronto Star
The old hag at it again. Apparently, the women's movement cannot survice in this country without being discriminatory and bigotted powers to fight discrimination and bigotry that does not meet their acceptable criteria of discrimination and bigotry. Or something like that. As if she knew what being a man in this country is like. The eugenics has not yet been eradicated from the women's movement -- beware.
Centre right to reject transsexual, Rebick says
Tuesday, December 19, 2000, Ian Bailey, National Post
One bigot for "genetic purity"....but she does identify that the heart of the women's movement is just this bigotry and discrimination.
Should Transsexual Counsel Rape Victims?
Sunday, December 17, 2000, Mindelle Jacobs, Edmonton Sun
Jacobs figures transsexuals cannot counsel rape victims -- only rabid, propaganda-spouting, genetically pure lesbians have the credibility.
Woman felt humiliated by Rape Relief
Tuesday, December 12, 2000, Scott Simpson, Vancouver Sun
More information of the impact on Nixon of not being able to be a rabid feminist, propaganda-spouting lesbian.
Rape centre defends denying volunteer job
Wednesday, December 13, 2000, The Globe and Mail
Bigotry to the fore. Half of the "spokeswomen" look "like a man wearing a woman's dress," and all act much worse.
Fighting to do a woman's work
Saturday, December 9, 2000, Stephane Nolan, The Globe and Mail
All the animals were created more equal than others. And some of the pigs seem more equal than others two. The women's movement chokes on bigotry, hypocrisy and Kimberly Nixon.
The BC Human Rights Tribunal's Preliminary Decison on Kimberly Nixon's complaint can be read here too.

Human rights will lead to a more just society
Monday, February 26, 2001, Mary Harney, Irish Times
Some more rationale talk on what human rights are and need

Keane calls for setting-up of complaints system
Monday, February 26, 2001,Carol Coulter, Irish Times
Judging the Judges
Monday, February 26, 2001, Editorial, Irish Times
Ireland seeking to see some judicial responsibility amongst the judiciary.

Teacher allegedly met secretly with student, 14
Tuesday, February 27, 2001, Moira MacDonald, National Post
More sexual assaults by a teacher in a position of trust.

Arab woman confesses to luring Jewish teen to death on Internet
Monday, February 26, 2001, National Post
There is always someone willing to take advantage of a man.

Settlement further clouds divorce issue
Friday, February 23, 2001, John Saunders, The Globe and Mail
What was to become a landmark horror story was settled out of court. Will an ex-wife's access to her ex-spouse's assets, property and life ever stop -- even after she has agreed to and the order entered into the court?

Mom abandoned baby for crime binge: police
Thursday, February 22, 2001, Don Campbell, The Ottawa Citizen
Another kid that didn't matter to these young women. At least they weren't in a women's shelter (we haven't posted about the death of baby Jordan Hiekamp).

Fathers happy to share children after break-ups
Thursday, February 22, 2001, Adele Horin, Sydney Morning Herald
Fathers push for shared parenting, mothers continue to push for power. This undermined the Australian changes in family law which encouraged both parents to be involved..

Female inmates are a surprising, eclectic mix that defy stereotypes
Wednesday, February 21, 2001, Sue Bailey, National Post
"'I'd say women are being treated differently, but they're getting an unfair advantage." Saskatchewan Penitentiary warden Brenda LePage on how maximum-security women get four chances a year to lower their security classification. Men are reviewed once a year."

Strict homes may curb teen drinking, smoking
Wednesday, February 21, 2001, The Toronto Star
Again, divorce hurts kids. I would go so far to suggest that this also shows that excluding dad is a major issue as too many mothers don't tend to pay attention to the needs of the children until they look after their own needs.

Mother who dropped baby off bridge wants to start again
Wednesday, February 21, 2001, Neal Hall, National Post
Coming to Ontario to kill the kid. It is easier here than in BC....maybe even find you a shelter to help out. There are quite a number of articles about this winner-mom from September - December, 1999 in the news articles.

Whose sperm is it, anyway?
Saturday, February 17, 2001, Bettina Arndt, Sydney Morning Herald
Men deceived into fatherhood.
Father's choice
Monday, February 19, 2001, Bettina Arndt, Sydney Morning Herald
Child support issues when fatherhood is a fraud.
A heavy price to pay for trust
Saturday, February 17, 2001, Sydney Morning Herald
Another unwilling father and the mental illnesses it caused.

Life for wife: husband cut up, put in garbage
Saturday, February 17, 2001, Sydney Morning Herald
Well, he was getting to be a drag so she threw him out.

Woman having baby with ex-foster mother
Friday, February 16, 2001, The Toronto Star
Lesbian rapist "has" a child with her victim. The hypocrisy of the Canadian judiciary in action.
Judge rebukes foster mother over relationship
Thursday, May 4, 2000, Ian Bailey, National Post
...but the child molesters just keep on molesting, and are proud of it!
'They are a couple and proud of it'
Wednesday, April 26, 2000, Ian Bailey, National Post
Be proud of sleeping with your foster children??!! Not as a man though.

Male-Female Balance a Struggle
Friday, February 16, 2001, Thomas J. Sheeran, Associated Press
As in Canada, the educational system has been changed to exclude many males from most professions.

The Real Crisis of Fatherhood
Sunday, February 4, 2001, Stephen Baskerville, The Washington Post
Excellent article by Baskerville.
Crisis of Fatherhood -- Letters to the Editor
Thursday, February 15, 2001, The Washington Post
Two prominent figures lose it. Blankenhorn if really out of it, it seems.

Fathers Facing Freedom
Saturday, February 17, 2001, William Raspberry, The Washington Post
Getting fathers stuffed in prisons back to their families.

Ajax teen claims girls beat her unconscious
Thursday, February 15, 2001, Mark Gollom, National Post
Hmmm...if she "claimed" boys beat her, they would have been in prison with no doubt in the authorities mind. Amazing cop acts as if this type of thing was unusual -- what's unusual is them "seeking" girls to arrest.

Liberals defeat their own policy
Wednesday, February 14, 2001, Joël-Denis Bellavance, National Post
Lincoln refuses to vote with fellow Liberals
Wednesday, February 14, 2001, Jane Taber, National Post
Liberal defeat their own policy platform on ethics monitoring. Voting for their policy was supposed a vote of confidence against the government. With ethics like this and a government of crooks, it is no surprise that Canada is further and further away from being a democracy than ever before.

The long and winding road
Wednesday, February 14, 2001, Donna Laframboise, National Post
Love is NOT all you need.

Alabama support law dogs dads
Wednesday, February 14, 2001,

Bonacci case shows need for parental flexibility
Friday, February 16, 2001, Renata Coppola, Letter to the Editor, The Ottawa Citizen
Although I must admire the actions of the parents, this women wanted them to die as painfully as possible, and then lied about them in court to get off. This is hardly parental flexibility -- it is either heroism or utter stupidity, which often look the same.
Hit-man plot nets house arrest
Friday, February 9, 2001, Jake Rupert, The Ottawa Citizen
Reminds me of the crown attorneys and judges in Toronto -- women are allowed to get angry, so what if they kill or maim or sexual assault others.
Mother stands behind her daughter, literally
Friday, February 9, 2001, Ron Corbett, The Ottawa Citizen
Wishful thinking there.
Prisoner begs parents' pardon
Saturday, December 9, 2000, Daniel Leblanc, The Globe and Mail
Figures if she cries and whines enough, she will get off? She likely will too.
Bonacci pleads to be released
Saturday, December 9, 2000, Jake Rupert, The Ottawa Citizen
Lots of pleading in these pleadings. In a real DV court this would be ignored....as would the others the courts routinely victimise.
Please consider this an apology
Saturday, December 9, 2000, Teresa Bonacci, Ottawa Citizen
Teresa Bonacci's note begging judge for a pardon (verbatim).
Letters from the family: I believe that Teresa has a good heart
Saturday, December 9, 2000, Frank Bonacci, Ottawa Citizen
Dad's letter.
Letters from the family: You alone have the power to help Teresa
Saturday, December 9, 2000, Luigi Bonacci, Ottawa Citizen
Letter from the brother.
Letters from the family: We implore you to show compassion
Saturday, December 9, 2000, Maria Rita Martino-Bonacci, Ottawa Citizen
Mom's letter.
Prisoner apologizes to taxpayers
Friday, December 8, 2000, Daniel Leblanc, The Globe and Mail
Crocodile tears? or she doesn't like jail?
Why did she want family dead?
Friday, December 8, 2000, Jake Rupert, The Ottawa Citizen
Knew right from wrong....and this is domestic violence. Men are automatically locked-up and the key thrown aways. Why is SHE different I wonder?
Detective posing as hit man foiled plan to murder family
Saturday, November 25, 2000, Erin Anderssen, The Globe and Mail
She wanted her parents beat to death -- painfully.
Parents defend daughter
Saturday, February 27, 1999, Gary Dimmock, National Post
Well, parents can't believe it.
Woman charged in plot to 'hit' family
Friday, February 26, 1999, Gary Dimmock, The Ottawa Citizen
She missed.

Female teacher stripped of certificate over sexual assault
Tuesday, February 13, 2001, Moira MacDonald, National Post
Another female rapist stopped from teaching 24 years later. Punishment 18 months of community service...you think that is what the judge would have given a male teacher?

Orgasm addicts
Sunday, February 11, 2001, Clarissa Bye, Sydney Morning Herald
Women at it again...

Bill would force Supreme Court to respect Parliament
Saturday, February 10, 2001, Jason Logan, National Post
Geez...which bunch of incompetants is more dangerous? A democracy in Canada would be a wonderful thing.

Man who fought rape shield law cleared of assault
Saturday, February 10, 2001, Bob Weber, National Post
Man acquitted in historic sex assault trial
Saturday, February 10, 2001, The Toronto Star
Man, denied ability to present the repeated false allegations of rape byt his victimiser, manages get acquitted despite all the efforts of the Supreme Court to deny justice to him, and all othe men: `It was a cowardly response by the Supreme Court of Canada to public pressure and special interest groups.' - Dennis Edney, Defence lawyer

Teens driven to drink by love: study
Thursday, February 8, 2001, The Toronto Star
Depressed as a teenager -- try divorce. Note that boys, not girls, are the most affected by breakups....just like in adult life.

Gender war takes an unfunny detour
Thursday, February 8, 2001, Dave Brown, The Ottawa Citizen
The creation of paranoia when none should be there. Our society has become sick and insance.

Live closer or lose custody, judge tells woman
Wednesday, February 7, 2001, Adele Horin, Sydney Morning Herald
Women's groups claim that best interests of the child only have peripheral concern with the child.

Justice is greedy
Tuesday, February 6, 2001, Allan Hutchinson, The Globe and Mail
Even the gatekeepers of the legal system are admitting to the racket of "justice" in Canada.

Hang a left at divorce court
Tuesday, February 6, 2001, Dave Brown, The Ottawa Citizen
The hope of mediation, but wait....
Mediation trend called `a concern'
Saturday, February 3, 2001, Tracey Tyler, The Toronto Star
Attorney-General comes out in favour of lawyers and judges -- bury the kids.

He's no son of mine
Sunday, February 4, 2001, Margarette Driscoll, The Sunday Times
Father sues for the cost of care of the son fraudulently presented as his.

Triplets' mother granted bail in abduction case
Thursday, February 8, 2001, Natalie Armstrong, National Post
Judge grants bail in abduction case
Thursday, February 8, 2001, The Globe and Mail
Bail hearing set in triplets case
Tuesday, February 6, 2001, The Globe and Mail
You think a dad would have ever gotten bail, even with the no-contact order?
Mother of triplets back in Canada to face parental abduction charges
Saturday, February 3, 2001, The Ottawa Citizen
Mother of triplets returns to charges
Saturday, February 3, 2001, Mary Vallis, National Post
Mother of triplets returns to abduction charges
Friday, February 2, 2001, The Globe and Mail
"In an interview from Acapulco last week, Ms. Vandenelsen ...added she was forced to act since the justice system didn't give her enough time with her children." Kids need both parents, and parents need their kids. However, there must be limits against those parents who decide to cut off the other to the detriment of their children.
Triplets' mother returns to face charges
Friday, February 2, 2001, The Toronto Star
Star figures that the absence of her children did this to the mom, even though she had initally abandoned them. If this was a dad, they would be calling to lock him up forever as a danger. Kids need both parents....but only if they are safe.
Motivated by love, says mother in Mexican jail
Thursday, February 1, 2001, Marina Jiménez, National Post
Perverse idea of love, lady.
Abduction charges await mother of triplets
Saturday, January 27, 2001, Anne Marie Owens and Marina Jiménez, National Post
Mom's on the way back.
Cops hunting accomplices
Wednesday, January 24, 2001, Jonathon Sher, Toronto Sun
She didn't manage all this by herself.
Mother put them in car trunk, rescued triplets say
Wednesday, January 24, 2001, Toronto Star
Some Mom -- in a trunk in Mexico.
Triplets saw story of their abduction on television show
Wednesday, January 24, 2001, Anne Marie Owens and Marina Jiménez, National Post
Must have been a torturous experience. Article has lots of links to relevant sites with more details.
Triplets home again
Tuesday, January 23, 2001, Dick Chapman, Toronto Sun
Ont. triplets spend first day at home
Tuesday, January 23, 2001, Toronto Star
Triplets are home
Tuesday, January 23, 2001, Edmonton Sun
Triplets, 8, return with father after search ends in Acapulco
Tuesday, January 23, 2001, Krista Foss, The Globe and Mail
Father's torture ends. It is unusual to have such a good resolution, but these kids will benefit from it.
Ontario triplets found safe in Mexico
Monday, January 22, 2001, The Globe and Mail
Children Found
Sunday, January 21, 2001, City Pulse 24
Silverman of Toronto's CityTV was instrumental in the return of the missing triplets. Great show City!!!! Silverman rules!!!!
Where are the triplets?
Monday, January 22, 2001, Marnie Ko, Report Newsmagazine
Article is just a little bit late.
Mom on most-wanted list
Saturday, January 6, 2001, Tom Godrety, Toronto Sun
Psycho kidnapper makes the list. God save these poor babies.

Ban booze sales to moms-to-be, group urges
Friday, February 2, 2001, James Cudmore, National Post
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is our new childhood epidemic -- complements of the drinking moms.

Father's sex change does not alter custody, court says
Friday, February 2, 2001, Anne Marie Owens, National Post
Transvestite "dad" keeps shared parenting...although the 6 year-old daughter has problems calling this women "dad". Good thing mom didn't say he said something angry....that would have put him in jail and got rid of the arrangement.

'Angel' of Death gets life in prison
Saturday, February 3, 2001, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Justice Chadwick worked so hard to exclude most of the evidence, but he was eventually forced by the overwhelming weight to dispense justice. Life with no parole for 25 years. Now on to her trial for the murder of one of her lesbian lovers.
Woman gets life for '95 killing
Saturday, February 3, 2001, The Toronto Star
Chadwick figures it was her attempt to get custody of the kids after leaving for other women (one of whom she appears to have killed too).
Housewife convicted of poisoning estranged husband
Friday, February 2, 2001, The Globe and Mail
The Globe suddenly rediscovers the story -- at least through the newswire.
Dell murder verdict set for Feb. 2
Saturday, January 27, 2001, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Well, has the judge given her enough yet?
Cherrylle Dell won't testify as Crown wraps up case
Thursday, January 18, 2001, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Almost to the end.
Dell's lawyers succeed again in striking evidence
Saturday, January 6, 2001, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Judge excludes the videotaped confession. Apparently he thinks that the murderers were nervous.
Teen supposed to 'take out' key witness
Thursday, January 4, 2001, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Confirmed by his friends....and confessed to on tape, but....
Witness was 'joking' about killing
Wednesday, January 3, 2001, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Crawford denies murdering now. Says he confessed to one because he was safer in jail than if they decided he was a rapist.
Witness was 'seeking attention' when he confessed to killing
Friday, December 15, 2000, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Yeah, right...bragged about the murder to the cops? Bright kid.
Man admitted killing Dell's ex-lover, court told
Thursday, December 14, 2000, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Kid's testimony that he torched Fillmore's place, and he didn't. Witness is still dead.
Dell confided to inmate she killed husband, trial hears
Wednesday, December 13, 2000, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
She never stops.
'I know she is going to kill me for this'
Friday, December 8, 2000, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Former lesbian lover feared reprisals for her testimony...and she was killed when her place was torched. Judge decides that if you kill the witness then their evidence dies too. Get the feeling this judge doesn't want justice for Dell?
Dell performed 'voodoo thing' on doll, court hears
Wednesday, December 6, 2000, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
"Smart, New York" lesbian affair turned weird. Dell looks forward to the death of her ex-husband.
Woman testifies Dell often spoke of wanting spouse dead
Tuesday, December 5, 2000, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
...and checked out the anti-freeze death.
Murder trial hears of antifreeze conversation
Tuesday, December 5, 2000, Erin Anderssen, The Globe and Mail
Looking for the dosage with the help of many.
Probe Dell's death, doctor urged
Friday, December 1, 2000, Erin Anderssen, The Globe and Mail
He wasn't depressed. He had just been given a clean bill of health after cancer treatment.
Dell's daughter tells of 'weird' conversation
Thursday, November 30, 2000, Erin Anderssen, The Globe and Mail
Dell urged daughter to lie, court hears
Wednesday, November 29, 2000, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Father falsely accused of sexual abuse, girl testifies. Terrified child used as a weapon.
Accused killer intently watches tape of herself
Tuesday, November 28, 2000, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Dell likes herself on tape.
Housemate lied, murder suspect says
Tuesday, November 28, 2000, Erin Anderssen, The Globe and Mail
Pot calls the kettle black....but of course she did blacken her, didn't she.
Judge says no to voice from beyond the grave
Saturday, November 25, 2000, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Well, if you kill the witnesses, that's just OK to this judge. You doubt that this judge is going out of his way not to convict?
Lover 'had reason' to lie
Friday, November 24, 2000, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Murdered witness against husband-killer Dell is called "vengeful". What a crowd!
Man's last words tell of great love
Thursday, November 23, 2000, Erin Anderssen, The Globe and Mail
Men feel more deeply again it seems.
Court hears dying man's final thoughts
Thursday, November 23, 2000, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
The poor deluded guy never knew what hit him, or what an evil woman this was. (Love blindeth).
Ex-lover haunts murder trial
Wednesday, November 22, 2000, Erin Anderssen, The Globe and Mail
Accused killer practised 'weird' rituals'
Wednesday, November 22, 2000, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Killer fancied herself a modern day witch.
Trial hears voice from grave
Tuesday, November 21, 2000, Erin Anderssen, The Globe and Mail
Ex-lover 'testifies' from the grave
Tuesday, November 21, 2000, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Murdered Witness's video tape.
Judge discharges jury in murder trial
Tuesday, November 7, 2000, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Dell gets desired trial by judge alone. Judges are so much more inclined to use gender as the basis for their decisions.
Killaloe woman pleads not guilty in husband's killing
Tuesday, October 3, 2000, Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
Cherrylle Dell pleads not guilty to the murder of her ex-husband in poisoning by anti-freeze case. We will follow this one.
'Mrs. Robinson' slew hubby, ex-lover: Cops
Wednesday, March 15, 2000, Jason Cumming, Toronto Sun
"A bisexual "Mrs. Robinson" allegedly laces her hubby's wine with antifreeze and then is accused of convincing a teen to kill her former lesbian lover on the eve of a trial where she was to be the star witness."
Woman faces second murder charge in death of female friend
Tuesday, March 14, 2000, Joanne Laucius, National Post
One husband, one lesbian lover killed. Hmmm....looks like a sentence for the lover's murder is coming.

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