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Canadian Men's rights, Father's rights, Grandparent, Children's rights, second spouses and interesting related sites can be accessed from the Canadian Men's Groups Directory located on this website on our navigation bar or just click here.

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Warren Farrell
Excellent books on gender equality from a male perspective with his 2001 "Father and Child Reunion" explicitly supporting shared parent time as the best outcome for children following divorce.

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Statistics Canada (StatsCan)
Statistics Canada is the country's national statistical agency, with programs organized into three broad subject matter areas: demographic and social, socio-economic and economic.
Under the Statistics Act, Statistics Canada is required to collect, compile, analyse, abstract and publish statistical information on virtually every aspect of the nation's society and economy.

The 1993 study "Violence against Women" is interesting but viewed as highly suspect by some. No study was released about male victims of domestic violence. In fact, the site shows prejudice because that they don't list spouse assault, only "wife assault". They do state in the 1993 study that 59% of the people killed in domestic violence situations were female. We can only wonder who made up the the other 41%.

Special Joint Committee on Custody and Access
Canada wide hearings of the Canadian Parliament with testimony, minutes, etc.
The Report from the Special Joint Committee on Custody and Access is now available! Order a copy from your MP (show him or her how many constituents care) or you can look at it on the Committee Web Site.
It is important that you call your MP and your MPP! Let the government know how important the issue of parenting is to you. This is a committee report. It is the federal and provincial governments, working through your elected representatives, that MUST make this into law.

Senator Ann Cools

Law & Legislation

World Wide Legal Information Association (WWLIA)
View the Canada Divorce Act etc. Much information on divorce in B.C. and the rest of Canada

The Fathers Count Act of 1998 (H.R. 3314)
American Act to spend $1.9 Billion U.S. Dollars on helping fathers

World Wide Mens Groups

American Coalition for Fathers and Children
Great US site with lots of reports and statistical information available. A must-see!!!!

UK Mens and Fathers Rights Link

UK Men and Fathers Rights Links page
Great links to all over the world !!!!!!!