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Existing Canadian Laws and Statutes

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Canadian (Federal) Legislation

Bills starting with a "C" originated in the House of Commons. Bills that start with a "S" originated in the Senate.

Bill C-41 Child Support Guidelines

The Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology

Bill S-4 (S-12) Abuse of Process, This is a bill by Senator Anne Cools

Speech at the second reading of Bill S-4 by Senator Anne Cools ( December 5, 1995)
Bill S-12 to Amend-Second Reading-Debate Adjourned by Sen A. Cools
Bill C-218. Marriage counselling required before divorce granted by Mr. Paul Szabo
Bill C-243, Protection of child before birth (Mr. Martin (Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca))
Bill C-245; Penalties for sexual offences involving children by Mr. Finlay

Bill C-284 Offences against children by Mr. Lowther
Bill C-285, Presumption of Joint Custody (Mr.Jay Hill (Prince George-Peace River))
Bill C-304 Property rights of both individuals and corporations. (Mr. Breitkreuz (Yorkton--Melville))
Bill C-309: Equal Treatment for Persons Cohabiting in a Relationship Similar to a Conjugal Relationship Act. by Mr. Ménard, 4/13/98
Bill C-327; Definition of 'Infant' and 'Minor'
Bill C-330; Definition of ``child''
Bill C-333; definitions of child and infant)
Bill C-335; Definition of Infant (Canada Cooperative Associations Act) by Mr. Harb, 4/13/98
Bill C-336; definition of ``infant'' in maCanada-United Kingdom Civil an..)tters originating in Canada
Bill C-337; definition of ``child (Corrections and Conditional Release Act )'
Bill C-338; Definition of 'adult' (Excise Act)
Bill 339; Definition of ``child'' (Excise Tax Act)
Bill 340; Right of spouses' parents to access to or custody of child
Bill C-342; Definition of ``child'' (Criminal Code)

United States (Laws)


United States (Legislation)

Fathers Count Act of 1998, Bill 8814