We recommend that two committees be established immediately:

1] An inter-ministerial committee

2] An advisory committee

These committees would:

A] Establish the framework for funding gender equity programs

B] Examine funding programs and/or pilot projects from other provinces and countries

C] Monitor and assess its development and effectiveness

D] Develop a consultation process with the offices of

The Attorney General

The Solicitor General

The Ministry of Community and Social Services

This inter-ministerial committee and advisory committee would be represented by; custodial parents, non-custodial parents, service providers, psychologist's, family law judges, family law lawyers and The Children's Lawyer.

The issue of custody and access crosses the borders of three different Ministries - The Attorney General, The Solicitor General, and Community and Social Services.

It is curtail therefore that proper lines of commination be developed in a format that allows ongoing discussion. Creating an inter-ministerial committee will help serve this purpose.

Where it is an offense to disobey a court order, a police officer under section 36 [2] of the Children's Law Reform Act may locate, apprehend and deliver a child named in the court order.

Police who apprehend a child under 36 [2] of the Children's Law Reform Act may not be sued for wrongful seizure. The police shall enforce "reasonable access" by a non-custodial parent.

Where a custodial parent refuses access the police officer may issue an offence notice.