Interesting Authors

Warren Farrell has published several books on the status of men in today's society, and is also available for expert witness work. His books include:
Why Men Earn More
Father and Child Reunion
The Myth of Male Power
Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say
Why Men Are the Way They Are
The Liberated Man

Serge Prengel- "Still a Dad: the divorced father's journey". This book is supported by a website with some interesting material on it. You might want to take a peek at it at I don't know of any one who has read this book at this point. If you have, please let us know what you thought of it.

David Paciocco - " GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER: The Canadian Criminal Justice System ". A book by University of Ottawa law professor and former crown attorney looking at the inconsistencies in the Canadian criminal courts. The Globe and Mail has reviewed this book. It covers the Getkate (see our Newspaper Article collection if you aren't familiar with this case) and Ferguson cases. It sounds interesting. Let us know.

Sandford L. Braver with Daine O'Connell have published the results of his studies in Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths. Popularised summary of his U.S. Government-sponsored 8 year study to examine the impact of divorce on parents and children. Provides many statistics that deal with the myths that have been promulgated by those opposed to shared parenting. The webmaster thinks that this book is great -- now there are some statistics to contradict all those stories made up by the anti-family groups. Reviews have also been posted here from the Detroit News and the National Post.

Maggie Gallagher - " The Abolition of Marriage ". A book review by Leadership U sounds interesting. The book deals with the change in the nature of marriage and the impact on people and children. If you read it, let us know more!

Donna Laframboise Extremely popular Canadian writer, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Chatelaine etc. Donna became an Editor for the National Post, Canada's new national newspaper. Her articles alone were enough to justify the price of a subscription (in the my personal opinion). However, she was dismissed when CanWest took over the paper chain, a clear and obvious first step of that newspaper enterprise into its oblivion. Donna has, unfortunately, disappeared from the scene. You will find many of her newspaper articles in our Newspaper Articles section.

Christina Hoff Sommers "Who Stole Feminism? How Women Have Betrayed Women"

Dr. Richard A. Gardner "Parental Alienation Syndrome", "Child Custody Litigation", Boys and Girls book about Divorce",Family Evaluation in Child Custody Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation", "Testifying In Court - A Guide for Mental Health Professionals" and a lot more titles. His company is Creative Therapeutics.

Dr. Douglas Darnall has written a book entitled "Divorce Casualties: Protecting Your Children From Parental Alienation" that deals with Parental Alienation, the more common type of alienation that can bloom into full-grown Parental Alienation Syndrome. His company is the PsyCare Foundation and it has a website, that includes ordering information for the book at There is some additional material in our Parental Alienation section.

Wendy Dennis "The Divorce fron Hell" - Popular Canadian writer who wrote the article "Divorce From Hell" a major article publish in Toronto Life magazine, that caused a Canada wide media ruckus, Her book "Divorce From Hell" is now available. She has written for The Globe and Mail, TV Guide, Cosmopolitan, Flare. We highly recommend you read her article " Divorce from Hell" on this site (look under newspapers)

Sandra Kahn - " The Ex-Wife Syndrome" and "Leaving Him Behind; Cutting The Cord And Breaking Free After The Marriage Ends"

Based on over 200 interviews and 13 years of counseling experience, psychologist Sandra Kahn has written the first guide to offer help to women whose unresolved issues keep them emotionally bound to their ex-husbands, even years after a divorce is final.

Highly recommended reading for ex-wives. Either book makes a great gift for her birthday, Christmas and anniversary.

John Fekete " Moral Panic: Biopolitics rising"

"Moral Panic goes to the root. It is fascinating, persuasive, and likely to become a major factor in the debate over human rights and freedom." - Robert Fulford, The Globe and Mail

"A first-class critical examination of the political-correctness hysteria crippling our universities." - J. L. Granatstein, Department of History, York University

"Moral Panic does a masterful job with its statistics and very revealing anecdotes." - Cathy Young, Women's Freedom Network

This valuable, courageous new book provides a meticulous deconstruction of recent gender research. The thoroughness of Feneke's research, and the trenchancy of his critique makes the effort worthwhile." - Parker Barss Donham, The Daily News, Halifax

John Feneke is a professor at Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

I purchased a copy at Chapters, Toronto. Coles/Smith didn't have it. Mississauga library system had 1 copy, only at the Meadowvale branch at Meadowvale Town Centre Mall.

Robert Davies Publishing, P.O. Box 702, Outremont, Quebec, Canada H2V 4N6 1-800-481-2440
isbn 1-895854-09-1
Available from General Distribution Services (to bookstores) In Canada 1-800-387-0141, In U.S. at 1-800-805-1083

Karen Woudstra

published in The Toronto Sun,

Ted Dentay, "FALSE WITNESS: A Defense Guide and Resourcebook for Caregivers"

Canadian author,
It may not make the best seller list, but "FALSE WITNESS: A Defense Guide and Resourcebook for Caregivers" will certainly make it to the most read list by anyone falsely accused of child abuse.

Canadian author Ted Dentay has spent the past five years researching, what is the most comprehensive guide available for those who have been falsely accused.

"Pray you'll never need this book," states Dentay. "But be aware that this is a reflection of the realities of caring for children into the new millennia. It's not Dr. Spock, but it is something that should be on your bookshelf next to Dr. Spock."

FALSE WITNESS begins with three horrifying cases that had, at their roots, failures to observe reasonable norms of professional conduct. Case 2 is about ` Reverend D.B.' who, successfully sued a child protection agency in Ontario, Canada. (Name can not be published to protect the identity of D.B.'s daughters.)

Some of the topics covered in FALSE WITNESS are: current legal interpretations; investigative standards (including internationally-accepted interview protocols); physical and behavioral symptoms of abuse (ie., the Mayo Clinic's Child Sex Behaviour Inventory); and so much more.

This book will prove to be invaluable for lawyers, child protection workers, physicians, psychologists, teachers, and especially, parents.

As Dentay writes, an allegation of child abuse is the `zeitgeist' (sign of the times) of the 1990's.

A false allegation is the weapon of choice in many divorce or custodial disputes. The best offense is a good defense - FALSE WITNESS is exactly that.

FALSE WITNESS: A Defense Guide and Resourcebook for Caregivers

210pp., softbound, complete with interview sources and bibliography. Pre-publication offer $29.95 (Canadian), (postpaid). After January 30, 1996, $34.95. Pegasus Communications, Rt. 3, Mount Albert, Ontario, Canada L0G 1M0.

Further information can be obtained from Norman Federnahm at Pegasus Communications, 905-473-2550.
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