F.A.C.T. Equal Parenting Week 2001
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Equal Parenting Week 2001
September 24 - September 30, 2001

Equal Parenting Week is a world wide week of rememberance of parents and children who have been separated by insane laws, and sometimes insane parents, and a time to revitalise our resolve to make the world a safer place for your children.

EPW advocates that a 2-parent focus be established as an internnational priority, maximizing the involvement that both parents are willing and able to contribute in raising their children, and promoting the ability of both parents to meet all their children's needs without compromising or imposing financial impediments to nonfinancial forms of child support. The CRC's campaign, JUST SAY YES! to Joint Custody and Shared Parenting advocates that parents are required to exercise their first responsibility as a parent, to "just say yes" to making a commitment to doing what is truly in children's best interests, to "just say yes" to unconditionally loving and sacrificing for their children...and that means, "Just Say Yes!" to joint custody and Shared Parenting.

FACT, as usual, participated in this important time of rememberance.

In an attempt to get the Coroner's Office of Ontario to live up to its mandate of protecting the living, FACT held a memorial meeting outside of the Ontario's Coroners Courts on September 24, 2001 to remember all the parents who have died as result of a corrupt family law system in Canada. Specifically we remembered Mr. Mavin Davids and Mr. Andrew Renouf of Ontario, Mr. Darrin White of BC, and all the other parents who have died by their own hand, or by the hand of another, as the result of the stress and dislocation imposed by the courts. There is no more ultimate separation than the results of this purposeful policy of the government. Despite the rain and cold, a group of dedicated men and women attended. You should have been there. We were. For how long longer will the governments kill parents this way?

Some of us even got in the picture.

In addition, at the September 25, 2001 meeting of FACT, a candlelight vigil at the same time that groups and individual all over the world held similar vigils. Similar vigils were held in at least 7 provinces in Canada, over 25 of the states of the United States, and 8 other countries around the world. The abuse of children, and the destruction of the family, has become a world-wide issue, not just a Canadian issue. It is time for all those who care about children to participate.