F.A.C.T. -- Parenting Conference
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The GTA Groups put on a Parenting Conference on Saturday, September 23, 2000 for the residents and professionals of the GTA
How can the children of divorce be protected?
The meeting was held in the Council Chambers of the Toronto City Hall and attracted a large number of concerned parents and professionals (did your lawyer or assesor care enough to come?). Perhaps there is hope for our children yet.

The Council Chambers at the Toronto City Hall were very prestigious.

The morning session dealt with what were the "Best Interests of the Child". The prestigious members of the panel were, from left to right, Chuck Farrauto (moderator), the Honourable Anne Cools (Senate of Canada), Karen Selick (family law lawyer and author) and Dr. Hazel McBride (psychologist).

Karen Selick, morning panelist, arrived early to survey the room. You can read some of Karen's material on her website at www.nextcity.com/go/karenselick/index.html or her newer site at www.karenselick.com.

The afternoon panel, dealing with the impact of unsubstantiated allegations on children and parents, dealt with a number of hot issues. From left to right, the panel consisted of Dori Gospodaric (moderator), Walter Fox (criminal lawyer), the Honourable Anne Cools (Senate of Canada), and Dean Tong, expert, author and activist from Florida. A mustical introduction was provided by Dr. Steve Chalk.

Dean gets swamped autographing his books. You can find Dean's book Ashes to Ashes, Families to Dust reviewed in the book section of this website, or you can look for more information on his website at www.abuse-excuse.com (a good website you must visit if you have any indication that allegations may be made up and laid against you).
The Honourable Anne Cools, a well-known and respected member of the Senate of Canada, and a long term advocate for and protector of the children of Canada. You can read about the Senator on her website at http://www.sen.parl.gc.ca/acools/.
What groups took part in this conference?

Sponsors and Co-ordinator
Fathers Are Capable Too: Parenting Association

Canadian Committee For Fairness In Family Law
Kids Need Both Parents
The Children's Voice

DADS of Durham
Equal Parents of Durham
Grandparents Requesting Access and Dignity
Human Equality Action & Resource Team
Justice Action Women's Support Canada
Mothers for Kids
Non-Custodial Parents of Durham
Victim Support Services
VOCA (Voices of Children Alliance)