Cook like a Mother! Clean like a Pro!

by Peter Wright


I must admit, since I was (as were a large number of our members) the cook during our marriage, and I cook better than my Mom, I had some trepidation about a book that purports to be what fathers need to learn on divorce. I must admit, I disagree that Wright's market is is so limited. This is a Life 101 for any man, or for that matter woman, that lives on their own and has nieces and nephews, and most certainly valuable to anyone who has to learn to balance children, a job and a life.

The material is presented in a light and friendly manner. You will get a lot of information quickly, and most effectively, with Wright's style. I may wonder if he has his bacterias messed up at times, but irrespective, his advice is spot on.

The cooking section gives some good solid menus and techniques. I cook differently, but the words here are good to give any one a good start learning to cook in a manner that boiling water is almost all you need. Having said that, I also learned a number of things that I will be trying out. The book shines in talking out giving children the things children like, involving the children (they need it) combining bought and cooked (there is a place for pizza night), and some planning and timing for meals.

Cleaning was never the ex's forte, and certainly not mine. But to keep a place tidy and clean you need to have some planning in place. The book covers a lot of this.

Life ... Wright seems to have had a "good divorce", if there is such a thing. Wright sees his kids, so he is not where so many of our members end up. His "payments" have not reduced him to poverty, so he can still move on. In many ways, the book is a target for life too, a frugal one in many ways, but one that the men of divorce can handle, and in some cases aspire too. So learn to cook for your kids, clean up the place, and know that there some hope for men and women -- and children.