Out of Touch
When Parents & Children Lose Contact after Divorce

by Geoffrey L. Grief

I was very disappointed in the book. Perhaps I was most disappointed because I actually bought it.

This book contends to be the result of a study of Parents Without Partners, a group mostly comprised of women, with other research on the side. It certainly does project a level of genderism in the area broken contact between parents and children as the result of divorce or separation, particularly since the research was generally very one-sided in its nature.

I will not comment on amount gender-bias in the book. I think that the looking at the "symmetries" between the categories of "patterns" the author deals with adequately speaks for the tone throughout the book and the author's "personal" interjections.

When Fathers and Children No Longer Visit When Mothers and Children No Longer Visit
Fathers who feel inadequate  
Fathers who are rejected by the children Mothers who are unwanted by their children
  Mothers whose children are brainwashed
Fathers who are blocked by the mother  
Fathers who are accused Mothers who are accused of abuse and neglect
  Mothers who seek greater involvement from the ex-husbands and then lose custody and contact

The section of most interest to me, was the sections that were supposed to dealing with the contact between the child and the parent who has been separated from the child (yes, wishful thinking). Frankly, these sections were useless unless the two parents get along so well they never would have separated. I suspect that this is the result of the one-sided study and the author's personal biases.

Keep your money.