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Divorce From Hell
How The Justice System Failed A Family

by Wendy Dennis

This gut-wrenching book is the story of Ben Gordon. It is written by his live-in girlfriend and author Wendy Dennis. Dennis tell us that she met Gordon when Gordon was going through a bad divorce; and a bad divorce it is. The true villain in the book is the legal system. Dennis observes Ben Gordon's ordeal as a father who just wanted to remain an involved parent to his two daughters.

Dennis exposes the so-called "experts" who yield extraordinary power with devasting consequences, and she accurately describes an arbitrary ``system'' with no accountability that professes to act in the children's best interests but fails to do so. The "game" of family lawy is accurately described -- as well as who really profits from the "game".

The only surprise here is how Ben Gordon continues to go through his ordeal over a period of nine years and at a cost of over $500,000 by his own estimate. We are onlyleft with the ultimate question: when is the guy going to get it? -- access will only happen if "mother" allows it to happen. For Mr. Gordon, it is apparent, the "game" was over before it even began.

This book is a description of the current reality in Canada. It is this excuse for a family law "system" that needs to be changed -- urgently -- so that so many others, like Ben Gordon, don't get ground into the dirt and out of their children's lives.