Divorced Dads
Shattering The Myths

by Sanford L. Braver and Diane O'Connell

This book had a long line-up of people who just raved about it and wanted to write the review. No-one else wrote, so I did.

This is a popular summary of the scholarly work that came out of the largest federally (U.S.) funded studies on the issues confronting divorced parents and their children that took place over 8 years. It is FULL of great information. It dispells those ignorant assumptions that are passed off as fundamental truths in many governmental, community and educational institutions with real, researched facts (something F.A.C.T. strongly supports). It provides a basis for understanding of what the divorce process really.

What are the myths that this book, and the underlying research, deal with -- and shatter?

Positive and rational custody policies are proposed in the book -- ones that have some basis in reality rather than simply the shouting and denial of government funded anti-family, anti-marriage groups and NGOs.

I would encourage any reader, who has wondered about the state of divorce, or any parent who is separated or divorced, to read this book. It is good to remember what is propoganda, and what is real for the vast majority of us.

Newspaper reviews of this book have been posted from the Detroit News and the National Post.