Why Women And Men Must Join Forces To Achieve True Equality

by Cathy Young

I don't always agree with Cathy Young. However, this is an excellent book.

The book covers a large number of those mythical and misrepresented issues and discusses them in detail and shows the problems with the myths with a large and detailed reference to the media coverage and feminist material. Discussed are the supposed differences between men and women, employment, gender violence, the politics of domestic abuse, sex crimes, the real sex discrimination, the interaction between fathers and their children, and the mistakes of the political extremes.

Young suggests that it is only with men and women working together that we can have a reasonable, rational and tolerant society that can accomplishment more than wasting in a cesspool of genderisms. To do this, she makes a few "modest" proposals (read the book to understand them fully):

  1. When making judgements that involve gender, try a mental exercise of reversing the sexes.
  2. Condemn women behaving badly as much as men behaving badly.
  3. Stop politicizing women's (men's) personal wrongs.
  4. Stop applying a presumption of sexism to every conflict involving a woman.
  5. Get the facts straight.
  6. Get over our obsession with gender differences and recognize that the sexes are neither fundamentally different nor exactly the same.
  7. Take gender politics out of the war on domestic violence.
  8. Reconsider the definition of rape.
  9. Tighten the definition of sexual harassment.
  10. Presume that fathers and mothers are equal as parents, whether or not they play similar roles.
  11. Encourage women to change their inegalitarian expectations of men to the same extent that we have encouraged men to change their inegalitarian expectations of women.
  12. In politics, stop treating women as an interest group and acting as if women's claims were more legitimate than men's.

This is a good book and a great read.