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In order to provide our members with information about some the significant literature available, F.A.C.T. has decided to post links and reviews of some of the books that we have found to be of value, and to provide facilities for purchasing the books. To this end, we have requested review copies of recent and new books, and provided reviews (and recommendations) with respect to those. In some cases, where we have not been able to obtain review copies we will provide a some sourcing of books that may be of significance.

As well, in order to allow you to purchase the books more easily and for F.A.C.T. to raise some funds, we have also decided to become Associates of some of the on-line booksellers. Accessing the books we have reviewed, or indeed any book, through the F.A.C.T. website will provide F.A.C.T. with some modest funds at no additional cost to you. The booksellers are discussed briefly below, and even getting to their site through ours to purchase a book will provide us with some funds. Note that not all books are sold through mass distribution channels, so look for the "author's" link as well with each review.

Note that not all books are sold through mass distribution channels, so look for the "author's" link as well with each review.

If you are an author and wish to provide a review copy of your book, please email us and we can discuss having your book reviewed too!

Our Books

Abraham, Jed H.: From Courtship to Courtroom: What Divorce Law is Doing to Marriage... (1999). Reviewed and Recommended..

Braver, Sanford L. and O'Connell, Diane: Divorced Dads (1998). Reviewed and Recommended!

Clawar, Stanley S. and Rivlin, Brynne Valerie: Children Held Hostage : Dealing With Programmed and Brainwashed Children (1991). Reviewed and Recommended!

Dennis, Wendy: Divorce from Hell (1998). Reviewed and Recommended!

Grief, Geoffrey L.: Out of Touch: When Parents & Children Lose Contact after Divorce (1997). Reviewed and Not Recommended.

Mason, Paul T. and Kreger, Randi: Stop Walking on Eggshells: Taking your life back when someone you care about has Borderline Personality Disorder (1998). Reviewed and Recommended! See also the author's website at http://www.bpdcentral.com.

Mendelson, Robert : A Family Divided (1996). Reviewed and Recommended!

Thompson, Wesley and Thompson, Lynn: Divorce, Custody, and Beyond... (1997). Reviewed and Recommended!

Thisdelle, Guy: Fathers, Children, Family & Community: A Programming Manual for Social Workers, Parent Educators and Child Advocates (2000). Reviewed and Recommended!

Tong, Dean: ASHES to ASHES..Families to Dust (1996). Reviewed and Recommended! See also the author's website at http://www.abuse-excuse.com.

Wallerstein, Judith S. and Kelly, Joan B.: Surviving the Breakup: How Children & Parents Cope with Divorce (1996). Reviewed and Recommended!

Wallerstein, Judith S. and : The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: A 25 Year Landmark Study (2000). Reviewed with a qualified OK.

Warshak, Richard A.: Parental Alienation Syndrome in Court (1996). Reviewed and Recommended! See also the author's website at http://www.richardwarshak.com.

Wright, Peter: Cook like a Mother! Clean like a Pro! (2002). Reviewed and Recommended!

Young, Cathy: Ceasefire! (1999). Reviewed and Recommended!

Nielsen, Linda: Embracing Your Father: How to Build the Relationship You Always Wanted with Your Dad (2004). Being reviewed.

Blankenhorn, David: Fatherless America (1996). Net yet reviewed.
Brennan, Michael and Brennan, Carleen: Custody for Fathers (1994). Not yet reviewed.
C., K.: Where's Daddy? : The Mythologies Behind Custody Access Support (2000). Being reviewed.
Ceci, Stephen J. and Hembrooke, Helene: Expert Witnesses in Child Sexual Abuse Cases:What Can & Should Be Said in Court (1998). Not yet reviewed.
Ceci, Stephen J. and Bruck, Maggie: Jeopardy in the Courtroom:A Scientific Analysis of Children's Testimony (1999). Not yet reviewed.
Dachman, Kenneth A., Dachman, Ken, Leving, Jeffrey and Leving, Jeffery M.: Father's Rights (1998 Reprint). Not yet reviewed.
Darnall, Douglas: Divorce Casualties (1998). Not yet reviewed.
Dershowitz, Alan M.: Abuse Excuse (1995). Not yet reviewed.
Farrell, Warren: Why Men Are the Way They Are (1988). Not yet reviewed.
Farrell, Warren: The Liberated Man (1993). Not yet reviewed. May be out of print.
Farrell, Warren: Myth of Male Power (1994). Not yet reviewed.
Farrell, Warren: Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say (1999). Not yet reviewed.
Farrell, Warren: Father and Child Reunion (2001). Not yet reviewed.
Fekete, John: Moral Panic: Biopolitics Rising (1995). Not yet reviewed.
Gardner, Richard A.: Parental Alienation Syndrome (2nd edition) (1998). Being reviewed.
Garrity, Carla B. and Baris, Mitchell A.: Caught in the Middle (1997). Not yet reviewed.
Magnet, Myron: The Dream and the Nightmare: The Sixties' Legacy to the Underclass (2000). Not yet reviewed.
Mendelson, Cheryl: Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House (1999). Not yet reviewed.
Parke, Ross D. and Brott, Armin A.: Throwaway Dads (1999). Not yet reviewed.
Pollack, William S.: Real Boys (1999). Not yet reviewed.
Christina Hoff Sommers: The War Against Boys (2000). Not yet reviewed.
Steinbreder, John and Kent, Richard G.: Fighting for Your Children (1998). Not yet reviewed.
Tiger, Lionel: Decline Of Males (1999). Not yet reviewed.
Wallerstein, Judith S.: Impasses of Divorce: The Dynamics & Resolution of Family Conflict (1988). Not yet reviewed.
Wallerstein, Judith S. and : Second Chances: Men, Women & Children a Decade After Divorce (1996). Not yet reviewed.
Wright, Peter: Cook like a Mother! Clean like a Pro! (2002). Not yet reviewed.


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