From Courtship to Courtroom: What Divorce Law is Doing to Marriage...

by Jed H. Abraham

This is a fantastic book. You are losing a real education, and a chance for a decent life after a relationship, if are a man, married or not, and don't have a copy of this book. Buy it, read it, and understand!! Then help groups like FACT change the system (there is a chapter on impacting the system)!!!

It deals with the reality of the divorce culture and process in the US, which is virtually identical to what we see in Canada. It is a fast paced, informative book about the damage done to men specifically in the biased court process. If you are starting the process, or wondering what hit you, this is the book to buy.

Rather than talking more, the introduction to this book essentially formed Mr. Abraham's "No" part of an article from Insight Magazine that is posted on the site. I can't think of anything I could suggest that would provide a better recommendation for this book.

The book ends with a chapter on what men can do now to impact on the problems outlined in the book. This is an important book.

The book does not address the types of abuse by the courts that some of our non-custodial mother members have seen. That can be very real too. This book is about the process as it impacts males in about 92% of the divorce cases in Canada and likely a higher percentage of the relationship breakdowns.