Meeting of February 15, 2003

On February 15, 2003 MP Colleen Beaumier, MP for Brampton Mississauga North, held a meeting at about Bill C-22, the current bill being proposed to amend the Divorce Act, at Christ Church in Brampton. Special speakers were Senator Anne Cools, MP Roger Gallaway and Andrew Kania, Senior Partner of Kania Lawyers, a large firm of family law lawyers. A considerable number of people attended — FACT did not have an accurate count, but we believe it was at least a couple of hundred people. Almost to the person the attendees supported the concept of equal shared parenting as a rebuttable default (i.e. the default choice for parenting unless other factors prove that another option is necessary}. Brampton Mississauga North clearly supports families and children.

Thank you, Colleen Beaumier. You can thank her too at

Panelists (from left) MP Colleen Beaumier, Senator Anne Cools, MP Roger Gallaway and family law lawyer Andrew Kania presented, answered questions and heard comments at the meeting.

There was passion,

thoughtful consideration,

schmoozing, and

and discussion.

Of course, cars with a message attended too (that's the cover of the For the Sake of the Children report painted on the hood [and the doors]).