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Thursday, July 29, 1999

Feminist "analysis" dismissive of fathers

Charles W. Moore goes after quack psychologists busy "deconstructing" fatherhood

Charles W. Moore
For the Calgary Herald

I am beginning to wonder if being a card-carrying lunatic facilitates getting published in journals of the American Psychological Association (APA)

A report, recently published in the APA's Psychological Bulletin, by Bruce Rind, Philip Tromovitch and Robert Bauserman, asserted that the "negative potential" of child sexual abuse has "been overstated." The authors rationalized that while "child sexual abuse is harmful," supposedly consensual "child -adult sex" is not necessarily harmful and may, in some cases, even be "beneficial."

Facing a firestorm of protest, the APA backed off, grudgingly releasing aresolution condemning all "sexual relations between children and adults."

Now the APA nuts are at it again. An article in the June 1999 issue of an APA journal, The American Psychologist, argues that the presence of fathers in families raising children is " not essential," and that fathers "may be detrimental to the child and mother." In deconstructing the Essential Father, Louise B. Silverstein and Carl F. Auerbach proceed to "deconstruct" traditional ideas about fatherhood and marriage that they disparage as "neo-conservative."

They dismiss the assumption that single mothers have a difficult time raising boys as based in "the large culture context of male dominance and negative attitudes toward women……Within patriarchal culture, boys know that when they become adult men, they will be dominant to every women, including their mother." It is obvious this attack on fatherhood and the family is pure postmodern feminist quackery. Indeed, Silverstein, (alarmingly) past president of the APA's division of family psychology, is chair of the APA's Feminist Family Therapy Task Force. What this article isn't is science, because its conclusion fly in the face of all credible research on the topic.

According to data complied by the National Centre for Public Policy Research:

According to data cited by Walter Schn[ei]der of Equal Parents of Canada, children from single-mothers households (compared to children of two parent households) are:

Statistical evidence overwhelmingly indicates that "analyses" like those of Silverstein and Auerbach are mere political advocacy with no basis in fact.

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