F.A.C.T. Conference & Workshop
featuring Dr. Warren Farrell

Held Sunday, June 3, 2001
at Hart House in Toronto

Our morning panel discussed the obstacles that stood in the way of fathers being involved with their children after divorce. Our panel consisted of (from left to right) FACT President Peter Cornakovic, psychologist Marty McKay, and family law lawyer, Gene Colman

Of course, Dr. Warren Farrell was there to talk about what parents -- and fathers -- have ended up with that deprive children of one or both of their parents on divorce. Dr. Farrell drew on the research behind his new book, Father and Child Reunion, as well as his previous books.

A number of revealing discussions took place as we began to realise the situations we have found so many non-custodial parents have been placed in by the courts and the other parent.

Of course, there was always lunch or the breaks to discuss the issues that arose, or to get Dr. Farrell to sign your book.